Let God be true and every man a liar.


1. Atheism, Secular Humanism and varieties of these beliefs all share the same basic creation story.

2. Christian churches, if they adopt that creation story as God’s method of creation, begin to worship and follow a foreign god.

3. Moral dilemmas found in the modern Christian church stem from that change of god.

4.  The lack of authority of the Christian Church in our families and society is a result of changing their God and his word to the atheistic pattern of creation.

5. This pattern of Creation developed from the understanding of how the heavens were formed and moved, this then extended to the formation and age of the earth.  Lastly the biology of creation was changed.

6. All of these three major understandings of our origins are based on observation of things which have no life in themselves and are all dying.

7. This is identified as exchanging the glory of the God revealed in the Bible for death and a god who created by death.  Romans 1v23.

8. Moses was told not to base his understanding of God’s methods and thus character on things which he could observe in the heavens and in creatures.

9. The people of Israel and Judah went into exile and captivity because they broke this injunction of Moses and adopted the creation ideas of the people around them.

10. Ezekiel (chpt 8) delivered God’s solution to the elders of Judah when they sat down and wept whilst in exile. The solution was not to worship (ie. learn from in contradiction to God’s word)  things that crawled and flew,  the rhythm of the world’s processes (Tammuz fertility) and worst of all the movements and appearances of the heavenly bodies.

The details which are contained in this site show that there is every reason for the Christian Church, and any seeker of truth, to abandon the wisdom of the wise of this world.  Instead, we must trust in the revelation of God the Creator who came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ to rescue us from sin and its penalty.